LOCAL STORES selling swim gear:

  • Tulsa Runner at 96th and Riverside sells swim suits and swim training gear.


ORU pool use is FREE twice a week for current, PAID TAT members ONLY. You will need to have a signed waiver of Liability to Participate.  Please stop by the front desk when you show your TAT membership card and ensure your waiver is signed IN FRONT OF THE ORU STAFF.  This must be done for yourself and any children 18 years old or younger. (See age restrictions below).

Each Tuesday night and Thursday night (except holidays and weather closings);  on-going unless posted. From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the indoor 50-meter pool in the ORU-Kenneth H. Cooper Aerobics Center (just about open water for us weak swimmers). OTHER pool times besides these two days are for a $5 drop-in fee. Sign in and pay at the front door. You MUST be a TAT MEMBER for this pool use also!!

We have lanes 4, 5 & 6 of the pool reserved for that one-hour period. Show the front desk your TAT membership card. If you haven’t signed the ORU Liability Waiver (see above), make sure you do before you swim! Sign new waiver each calendar year.

ORU safety policies: Family members (dependents of adult members) MUST be 18 to be left there to swim, and MUCT have proof of ID when checking in. Kids 16-18 must be accompanied by a parent (in the Family Membership) the entire time. Sorry, no family members under the age of 16 are allowed to swim.

ORU Dress Code Applies: Men-NO SPEEDO briefs; Women-NO TWO-PIECE SUITS. Tri-shorts should be okay.

These are training swims.  Plan on having your own workout.  If you are interested in coaching, check with Coach Janet.

Mostly, this is to provide an opportunity for triathletes  to get together during the early-winter months to train, improve stroke technique and efficiency with practice, and have fun commiserating and looking forward to the 2012 Triathlon Season.

Note: this was a great success! This is a major benefit of being in TAT. (If you are not a member, go the the “membership” and “join” page/post to sign up on-line.) PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE the relationship TAT has established with ORU by not complying with TAT’s and ORU’s policies. Thanks!

Be prompt! We have only that hour, so you need to be ready to get wet and train at 6:00 pm exactly.

Remember we are guests at ORU.  We must listen to their instructions.  If you have an issue, please let us know.  DO NOT yell at or in any other way be rude or abusive towards the ORU staff.  This may result in your loss of privileges to the ORU pool.

Location finder:

Building numbered “F” on the map, near 81st Street in the southeast corner of the ORU campus.
Tulsa Masters summer swimming!

For an updated list of other places to swim in the Tulsa area, check out the Tulsa Masters blog, http://tulsamsc.blogspot.com. Pools include the NEW Jenks indoor 25/50m pool; Claremore Rec Center; Bixby High School; and McClure Park; and the YMCAs /YWCAs.  Go online to find out more. Coached workouts will be available at the Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center. Contact Denise Smart for more information, denises@webzone.net. president, Tulsa Masters Swim Club.

Training VERSUS Coaching:
These sessions described are for training. Those organizing the session are triathletes or swimmers  just like you, also looking for a good workout. They are not coaches, but may be willing to give you some pointers. If you need or expect serious coaching on your technique, there are several coaches and schools in the area. For example, Janet Wilson, a TAT member, is a USA Triathlon Certified Triathlon Coach. Check out her services at www.coach-janet.com, or contact TMSC (see above).

Open-Water Training:
Check the website for the latest on OW swimming excursions. The club typically does OWS every Friday night starting at 6:00, typically from Late April/Early May through Early/Mid October.  This all depends on weather and water temps.  Location to be determined.

Pace Chart for Swims.

Coach Janet found this cool link to show your swim pace for various distances.