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Hey guys,

Well the 2014 season is upon us and it is time to see what all the Tulsa Area Triathletes has to offer you and all your friends that are not yet triathletes.  I know that you all have friends that are runners or maybe just cyclists and maybe even just a few of you that have friends that are only swimmers.  Well now is the time to pass on to them the joy of being a triathlete.

Tell all your single sport friends how awesome it is that you don’t do “Recovery Work-Outs” because in triathlon; swimming, biking and running are all “Recovery Work-Outs” for each other.  You might also mention that since you became a triathlete that you have had a much lower prevalence in of injury and burn out (unless that isn’t true, then just keep your trap quiet).

So, that being said, if you have any friends that are interested in triathlon, it is time for them to come out and see what TAT has to offer.  This year we are doing a little change up to what has, in the past, been Tri Camp.  Some of us got together and realized a few things.  Firstly, most people that are thinking about triathlon are already linked in to a running group.  Secondly, swimming is inherently an individual sport (have you ever tried chatting with a swimming partner during your set).  So, we have decided that the club will be offering some group training and  and seminars for members with less experience.  For those that are new and trying to break the hurdle that is truly the toughest (um, biking…  anyone can keep their heads above water right), the club is offering “Bike Camp”.  This is going to be overseen by our clubs immediate past present Carolyn Fairless.  As with the rest of us she is also a bicyclist and has put many miles on the road (including a 140.6 triathlon and all training associated training).   So you can expect some excellent introduction to getting on theroad for the TAT Spring Fever Triathlon.  So tell your friends that if they have never “clipped in” and are not comfortable off the Riverpark’s Trails this is likely just what they are looking for.

For those of you that have been in on on or two multi-sport races and are looking for a little more, here is what the club us going to try to provide for you. As far as moving forward in the pool we would recommend Coach Janet and her great classes for all your swimmiong needs.  She is more than a long time triathlete, club member, board member and a club sponsor but she is also a USAT certified coach.

As we said there are several running opportunities.  One of which is our club sponsor Trani at Tulsa Runner (seriously click there and check out Trani’s place, a wonderful local establishment).  His groups tends to be fast but if you are new or still building, well Trani and his crew will be able accommodate you.  Just remember that we all started with walking and the only way to get faster is to try running with people that you really cant’t keep up with.  Also watch our club calendar for people that are looking for running partners or members that are trying to get group runs going.


    Thursday  09JAN2014 from 6-8pm

    Sunday 19JAN2014 from 2-4pm


Tulsa Runner 96th & Riverside (link with complete address and directions)


Hope to see you all at one of these Round-Ups.

Train smart to race fast,


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2014 Winter Swim Camps

Tulsa Area Triathletes – Winter Swim Camps!

Beginner CAMP! Intermediate CAMP! Breaking Boundaries Camp!
1. Learn to swim or Beginners (LTS): Monday nights – For those new to triathlon or continuous lap swimming. 10-week camp, Prep for Spring Fever Sprint Tri in April. This class is somewhat fast paced and requires 2 more days of swimming per week as homework. The class works best if you are comfortable in the water and can put in the time to do the homework. I also offer private and shared sessions for a slower approach to swimming.

2. Mastering the Mile (MTM): Monday nights – For intermediate swimmers who want to become faster and more efficient in the water. The workouts are tailored to the participants. For those looking to do a fast Sprint, Olympic or Half Iron Man distance. Also to work on form and speed for any distance. This is not a Learn to Swim (LTS) class. Requirements: Able to Swim a 500 continuously.

3. Breaking Boundaries for the Mile (BBM): Monday nights – For experienced swimmers. Requirements: Able to average an aprox. 2:10 per 100 pace, or an 11 minute or better 500 Meter swim. Stuck at a certain pace? Having trouble doing difficult sets on pace? We will work on strength, form, breath, effort, knowledge of pace and breaking boundaries.

All classes include: One Video of your stroke with detailed e-mail of what to work on, drill instruction, dry land exercises, and pacing and mental prep. for race day. Also includes workouts to do between classes and personalized swim notes.

Where: ORU Aerobics Center 50 meter indoor pool (scroll down on linked page for map at ORU).

When: Monday nights – Learn to Swim – 5:40 to 6:30PM,
Mastering the Mile – 6:35 to 7:30PM
Breaking Boundaries – 7:35 to 8:30

Date: Camps will start January 13h for 10 weeks. They will meet every Monday for the 10 weeks unless the pool is closed. Each class size is limited to aprox. 12. Sign up early!

Cost: $140 + TAT Membership https://earlysignup.com/tatmembership

Coach-Janet – I have over 10 years experience coaching swimmers for Triathlon and over 25 years experience doing triathlon and swimming competitively, including St. Louis Masters and Tulsa Masters. Certifications: USAT Level 1 Coach and USA Swimming Level 1 Coach.

Please refer to my web site for more details. http://coach-janet.com/ or e-mail

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Membership signup for for 2014 is now online. For more details on club benefits click on the link to the left “Join TAT”


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ANNUAL HOLIDAY LIGHT RUN and Officer Elections


December 10, 2013

DoubleShot Coffee Co

1730 S Boston Ave, Tulsa

5:30pm for pre-run socializing

Run starts at 6:15 pm sharp. Wear lights and  reflective clothing.

  • Join us to celebrate another great year for TAT.
  • Enjoy coffee beverages (+/- adult beverage enhancements) and light finger foods.
  • We will split into appropriate groups for the run, depending on pace and distance.
  • Dogs on leashes and kids in strollers are very welcomed!
  • Non-runners (support crew!) are  invited too, to hang out at the store instead of running.
  • 2014 club officer elections
  • Volunteer of the Year award

If you are considering joining TAT this is a great event to see how we roll!






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TAT Race Series Challenge standings after Chris Brown Tulsa Du

Male Championship Points
Pts. / Competitor /  SF / CBTD

66 Brian McKinney 33 33
63 Ken Smith 32 31
54 Andy Tiefenthaler 25 29
53 Kenneth Gonzales 27 26
42 Ken Cassel 19 23
39 Christopher Knight 18 21
39 Craig Jackson 15 24
38 Wayne Hamilton 20 18
37 Keith Kelley 21 16
34 Jon Moser 7 27
32 Gary Hamer
31 Eric Lundt
30 Charles Vachapittack
30 Eddie James
29 Lancy Pitts
28 Larry Krutka
28 Todd Eveland
26 David Whitney
25 Tanner Courtney
24 David Wilkins
24 Stan Groom 9 15
23 Robert McBride
22 Jonathan McBride
22 Stephen Holley
20 Julian Case
19 Bruce Horn
18 Wayne Hamilton
17 Brock Lyons
17 Sebastian Vargas
16 John Ingram
16 Joshua Mandevill 3 13
14 Jim Hix
14 Micheal Renuard
13 Derk Pinkerton
12 Adam Leavitt
12 James Millar
11 Clint Holler
10 Jeff Smith
8 Mathew Bacon
6 Greg Hopeman
5 Kevin Blankenship
4 Frank Holdsclaw
2 Micheal Renuard
1 Don Nelson

Female Championship Points
Pts. / Competitor /  SF / CBTD
66 Kelli Benton 33 33
53 Jana Rugg 24 29
51 Tammy Motazedi 23 28
32 Susan Ewing
31 Simra Tines
30 Laura Bloxom
29 Carolyn Fairless
28 Nicole Dorholt
27 Dawn Vincent
26 Amanda Reynolds
25 Susan Martinac
22 Kate Williams
21 Tami McBride
20 Stephany Nichols
19 Samantha Johnson

The points reflect retroactive application of points to members who joined after competing in Spring Fever. That is why a couple of peoples’ scores from that race may have dropped a bit.

If you have finished in both events (Spring Fever & Chris Brown Tulsa Duathlon) you are still in the running for the “Race Series Finisher” drawing for a DuraAce Carbon Wheelset. As of now you have a 1 in 15 chance to win, and those odds will only get better. You must still finish both the Sprint and Olympic events at TriTulsa to qualify.

Keep up the good work and we will see you at TriTulsa where we will crown our champions and Race Series Finishers!

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