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2016 Membership Perks:

  • SWIMMING: Access to our FREE weekly swim training at ORU’s 50-meter indoor pool Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm to 7 pm, except when ORU is closed for school holidays, functions, or maintenance. Swimmer must be 18 to sign own pool waiver, NO swimmers under 16. Swimmers 16-18 must be accompanied by a parent the whole time. For more swimming options, e-mail for details.
  • INSURANCE: General Liability and Sport Accident policy covers you during all TAT calendared activities, such as accidents during group swims, rides, runs, and so forth. Also, since our races are USAT sanctioned you have coverage during races; other “races” that are not USAT sanctioned (e.g., a just-for-fun triathlon) will now have accident coverage.
  • RACES: Discount off entry fee for TAT’s three multisport events in 2012. Details and discount code sent as needed.  Historically our are races are the Spring Fever Triathlon in Claremore, the Chris Brown Duathlon along Tulsa’s Riverside, and the Tri-Tulsa Olympic distance triathlon in early September.
  • TRAINING: Generally we have semi-structured club swimming ORU pool, and open water swimming starting in April at Lake Heyburn. See SWIM link for more pool info and maps and pool rules.  For cycling training, most members take advantage of the successful Wednesday Night Rides in Tulsa. We have social runs in the fall and winter including the Holiday Lights Fun Run in December. Newbies, check the newbie link to the left side of home page.
  • GATHERINGS: Social and training events for all ability levels. In the past we have had spin classes on Power Cranks stationary bikes, and bike rides to area wineries…and parties at local restaurants!
  • NEWS & UPDATES: Stay in touch with TAT via email from membership chair, our Yahoo group, Facebook,  and our main website. Links to all of these can be found at

…And most important, you will be supporting a great organization that actively promotes multi-sport training and races in NE Oklahoma!

You probably should read this… we want you to have a fun but safe experience in TAT. NEVER EVER swim in open-water alone. Read on for the legal stuff (when you join you will need to sign this waiver):

Membership Waiver and Consent (you will agree to this when you join by clicking link above)

I understand my life on this earth is finite and that I may suffer or be injured during my life due to circumstances beyond my control. I understand that TAT activities and events are hazardous, and my participation in TAT activities and events may injury me, increase my suffering and end or shorten my life, or even damage my property. By joining TAT and participating in its training, competitive or social activities and events I assume all risk of injury, increased suffering and pain, and all risk of loss of my life and property which might occur as a result of my participation.

I agree to be solely responsible for assessing my fitness, the condition of my equipment, the conditions of the venue, and all other risks or peril which might arise during an event. For myself, my family, and anyone who might claim on my behalf, I waive and release any claim against TAT, its officers, agents, sponsors or members, for all injury, pain, suffering, loss of life or loss of property which may result from my participation in TAT activities and events. For myself, my family, and anyone who might claim on my behalf, I promise not to sue TAT, its sponsors, any officer, agent or volunteer, or any other participant or member for any such injury, pain, suffering, loss of life or property, or any costs arising out of same.

I further consent that TAT and its agents and sponsors may use my likeness or image obtained during an event in any form or media, in any place. I agree a determination that any part of this waiver and consent is invalid will not affect the validity of any other parts.

I represent that I am over 18, competent, sufficiently fit, skilled and trained to participate in all TAT activities in which I join, that all equipment I will use in TAT events is in working order, and that I am freely and voluntarily signing this waiver and consent in consideration of becoming a member of TAT and being granted participation rights of a member of TAT.

I understand that this Waiver and Release may be stored electronically and agree that a copy is authentic and admissible as evidence in any future dispute or proceedings.