Wednesday Night Rides start the first Wednesday

after Daylight Savings Time begins!

Bike……Anyone can do it! BUT to there’s always room to improve.
Ride Safe. Ride Often.

Some requests to make TAT’s WNR successful for all (in no particular order):

  1. Know the routes. Learn them by riding with us, but then go back and study a map to be sure you can get around if you end up alone. We will try to not drop anyone, but it is still a good idea for you to be self-sufficient out there by knowing your own way home.
  2.  If you are faster than the group and choose to ride ahead, more power to ya! But be sure to let someone else in the group know what is going on. Likewise, if you choose to fall back and ride apart from the main group, try to let us know.
  3.  If you have only been on the trails and not the open roads, let us know, so we can give you a quick orientation to some of the more common “share the road” rules.
  4.  Be courteous to cars, even if the temptation to give the one-finger salute if strong. Each bicyclist out there riding properly and politely reflects on us all. Likewise, one uninformed, or rude bicyclist will counteract 99 other nice bicyclists. Be familiar with share the roads rules.
  5.  Be able to change your own flat, and have YOUR own stuff to do it. We can assist, certainly, and we virtually always all stop while a flat gets changed, but changing your own flat is a mark of a proficient, self-sufficient bicyclist. If you have a flat, or other mechanical, holler out so we know you’re stopping.
  6. We don’t mind tri bikes at all, but use common sense. No aero position in a tight peloton, or in heavy traffic. Hold your line, be aware of your surroundings. If you’re new to riding down on the aerobars, practice some on your own beforehand.
  7. If we use the trails for part of our ride, BE POLITE, slow down around other trail users, and yield to walkers, runners, skaters, kids, dogs, etc etc. We do not own the trails. Call out “on your left” if approaching and passing a person on foot. When in doubt SLOW DOWN.
  8. You don’t have to yell “car up” or “car back” since most of us can hear or see the car ourselves. In a similar vein, try not to call “clear” at an intersection. Each rider should choose for himself if indeed the intersection is clear to cross. HOWEVER, if you see someone about to cross into an oncoming vehicle or other bicyclist, it’s probably a good idea to yell out CAR RIGHT etc., …  if you see that someone ahead of you is indeed unaware of a car back and at risk, holler out car back.
  9. Three-abreast is a no-no but sometimes happens, but be mindful that it is unlawful and irritating to motorists. Single file is sometimes prudent, even though not mandatory. Two-abreast is allowed, but not always prudent. Stopping at stop signs is the right thing to do. Especially in  Sand Springs.

NEWBIES — see the links about our tri camps.

Consider building your bike endurance by joining in with the Freewheel and Tulsa Tough training rides. See TBC link below.

Training – Weekly Club Rides(come spring, and longer days)

When? Meet Where? Route? And?
Sunday Morning. DoubleShot Varies Different Paces and Distance leave from DoubleShot
6:00 p.m.
River West Festival Parking Lot
(by the Tulsa Rowing Club)
West Tulsa / Sand Springs
(Old North Road hills)
About 25 miles
Bring your running shoes andBRICK it!
(Bike + Run = ICK!!)ENDS with change from Daylight Savings Time!
*Please remember to follow the rules of the road: Signal before you turn, Stop at stop signs and red lights, Pass and yield appropriately, Stay to the right of the road, and always ride in control.
Looking for More Routes? Try these:

Interested in Training away from the motor traffic? Try going Off Road:

Turkey Mountain in Tulsa (expect a real workout!):

Try the new trails at Keystone Lake:

Or head out to Lake McMurtry in Stillwater:

For a bit of an adventure, head to Braggs:

Check out Tulsa’s premiere adventure sports team at one of these events:

Local Bicycle Stores

Lee’s Bikes (downtown) THEY ARE A “FRIEND OF TAT”

420 E 2nd St  Tulsa 74120 918-743-4285

Trek Bicycle Store Tulsa
9708 S. Riverside Pkwy
Toll-Free: 800-746-4285

Bixby Bicycle Works THEY ARE A “FRIEND OF TAT”
8315 E. 111th Street South

Bicycles of Tulsa
4733 S. Mingo

Tom’s Bicycles
6861 S. Peoria Ave.

and Tom’s on Cherry St: 1506 E 15th St, 918-592-2453

T-Town Bicycles
1660 E. 71st St.

Sun & Ski Sports Expo

6808 S. Memorial, Ste. 200

MID-TOWN Bicycles
2731 S. Harvard

Local Cycling Organizations:

Tulsa Wheelmen

Tulsa Bicycle Club  especially check out the Training Rides and info seminars they offer every spring.

Oklahoma Bicycle Coalition

Bike Case Rental:

TAT members now have access to a high quality bike case to “rent” when you go on a destination triathlon.  The cost to rent will be NADA…that is right…Free.  The rentor will be required to give a $50 deposit to cover any damages to the case and upon return they will be returned the rental cost.  If you are interested in borrowing the bike case, please contact