2014 TAT Race Series

2014 TAT Race Series


TAT Spring Fever Triathlon

The series opener is one of the local favorites.  Beside the couple of local indoor tri's, this is the first outdoor tri of the season for most of us.  It is a great little race out in Claremore.  So whether you want to be competative from the get go or if you just want to shake off the cob webs then this is likely your race.  Here is the RACE LINK for you to head on over and check it out!!

TAT Tulsa Triathlon

This year we are returning to the historical weekend for this race.  We tried September and it treated us well but Tulsa Triathlon has a long history and we wanted to keep that history intact.  An official announcement is pending permits for the appropriate authorities but I will tell you we are looking at Father's Day Weekend.  Whe n information arives you will find it here TAT Tulsa Triathlon Race Link.

TAT Chris Brown Duathlon

Funny story about this graet race.  I ran this race  for a couple of years before I put together that it's namesake was actually my Physics Professor and he was really such a neat guy.  He had wonderful stories about his life experiences and truly cared about making sure to teach his students the way that they could learn.  We are looking forward to this race being at about the same time and general location.  However, there may be some small changes to the courses for general improvement.  Anyway when more information is available you will find it here.  TAT Chris Brown Tulsa Duathlon