Tulsa Area Triathletes Race Series CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP challenge

We challenge TAT members to participate in our new program to encourage member competition in TAT’s four races. The prizes will reward not just the FASTEST, but also PARTICIPATION.

In a nutshell, TAT members can participate in up to all FOUR of TAT’s multisport events in 2013 to earn points. The four events are:

  1. Spring Fever, April 20, 2013 (sign up here: https://earlysignup.com/springfever)
  2. Chris Brown Tulsa Duathlon, August 11, 2013 (sign up here: https://earlysignup.com/cbdu)
  3. TriTULSA Tri Festival Sprint distance event (September 7, 2013) (registration open soon)
  4. TriTULSA Tri Festival Olympic distance event (Septemebr 8, 2013) (registration open soon)

AWARDS  (based on point system, see below) will be given to TOP MALE and TOP FEMALE.  The big incentive, however, is the Perfect Participation Prize (P3), to be drawn randomly from the list of those who complete all four races.

The prize is a

— Shimano DuraAce Carbon Fiber Tubular Wheel Set w/ tires glued on already —

(Donated by a TAT member who is paying it forward)


  1. You must be a paid 2013 TAT member and a member of USAT.
  2. To be eligible for P3 prize drawing, you must register and complete all four TAT Race Series events.
  3. If you are only competing for top male or female, you have to compete in at least one TAT race series event. See item 7.
  4. Male and Female division for points.
  5. There will be only one P3 prize drawn from list of those who complete all four TAT Race Series events.
  6. The maximum point total available per TAT Race Series event is 33 points. That is, 33 points to the fastest male finisher, 33 points to the fastest female finisher, 32 points to the next fastest male and female finishers, and so on, down to 1 point to the slowest male and female finisher. EACH PARTICIPANT will receive a minimum of 1 point for completing each TAT Race Series event. If there are more than 32 male or female TAT finishers in an event the minimum number of points is still 1.
  7. Your score will be a total of no more than 3 TAT Race Series events. If you compete in all four events the lowest of the four scores will be dropped. (Your name is in still in the hat for wheel set drawing if you do all four events)
  8. In the event of a tie, the TAT Race Series competitors will be sorted by highest to lowest using the competitors’ USAT rankings.

Questions? Please contact Kenneth at gonzoglassart@hotmail.com


Male Championship Points

Pts.  Competitor

33    Brian McKinney

32    Ken Smith

31    Eric Lundt

30    Charles Vachapittack

29    Lancy Pitts

28    Larry Krutka

27    Kenneth Gonzales

26    David Whitney

25    Andy Tiefenthaler

24    Robert McBride

23    Jonathan McBride

22    Keith Kelley

21    Wayne Hamilton

20    Ken Cassel

19    John Ingram

18    Craig Jackson

17    Jim Hix

16    Derk Pinkerton

15    Adam Leavitt

14    Clint Holler

13    Stan Groom

12    Mathew Bacon

11    Jon Moser

10    Greg Hopeman

9      Kevin Blankenship

8      Frank Holdsclaw

7      Joshua Mandevill

6      Don Nelson


Female Championship Points

33    Kelli Benton

32    Laura Bloxom

31    Carolyn Fairless

30    Nicole Dorholt

29    Dawn Vincent

28    Amanda Reynolds

27    Susan Martinac

26    Jana Rugg

25    Tammy Motazedi

24    Kate Williams

23    Tami McBride

22    Stephany Nichols


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