MORE Poker Splashing-Dashing-Splashing

NEWSFLASH– the first swim-run-swim was a hit so we are going back for more. How does “BEACH TO BEACH… and BEYOND” sound to ya?! Kid wave and two adult waves. MONDAY AUGUST 27 (yes, a school night but soooo worth it for the kids to get to do a cool fun mini swim-run-swim with a cute twist at the finish…. show up to find out). For those of you who work later or have a longer drive to get to the lake, we will have TWO heats– an earlier one ~ 6:30 pm and later one ~7:30 pm. Same location— Sheppard Point. Modifying the swim a little bit.  Still a poker hand to collect at each dealer station. Prizes! Hang out after with your TAT tribe. BYOB and chairs. More details below. Questions? Email

AUGUST 17, 2012:

1st Annual Swim-Run-Swim Poker Bash & Family Club Social (for lack of a more concise name)…. a fun way to combine the keg from the Du, our Friday night swim, and some extra run training. No beer til after you’re safely back ashore of course.

6:00 pm. Sheppard Point at Lake Heyburn. We will have beer, snacks, prizes. Bring your swim gear, running shoes, and a chair. We will swim across the lake, where your shoes will all be in a huge pile. You have to dig your shoes out, run a 2-3 mile course, then take your shoes off, and swim back across the lake. You will be given poker cards at several checkpoints, which you will have to get back to the finish line with. Where you choose to hide your cards during the swim is up to you. đŸ™‚ We invited everyone from TAT to join us, so I hope to have a good turnout!! Bring your family and kids!  Questions? text me at 918-625-5200 and I’ll call ya back.


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