club bylaws and “family membership”

A friendly reminder that the TAT BYLAWS DEFINITION of “Family” is:

“one parent or a couple and their offspring under 18 years of age”.

It costs the club $6.00 per person to insure each member, so PLEASE do not sign up your one-year old, for example, or a family member who is not truly participating in triathlon (Gramps and Aunt Eunice).

Furthermore, ORU has asked us in the past to *not* promote a TAT membership just as a way of bypassing regular ORU gym membership. They feel that the pool use is a perk for true TAT members. We do NOT want to wreck the great relationship between TAT and ORU pool!

Although not spelled out in TAT bylaws, let’s agree that the youngest age that can be on our  club roster is the youngest age USAT allows for Youth Competition, which is six years old.

Membership dues are very low already. So let’s play fair.


Carolyn (president) and Matt (membership)


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