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(L) MATT BOWLER, (R) BROCK PEOPLES in our new TAT kits. Nice gesture of sportsmanship! in background: Jon Evraets (in red and blue kit) and Tim Davis (in orange kit far right)

Route 66 Olympic distance triathlon June 5, 2011, by James A. Randell Photography.

(Click the photo to get to its page, then click again to see the full resolution image. Thanks to James Randell Photography for allowing use of the image here.)

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Summer Swim Camp

Check out the Summer Swim Camp sponsored by the Tulsa Area Triathletes! 2012 info TBA. Tentatively start mid- to late-June 2012.

1.     Mastering the Mile:  For swimmers who want to become faster and more efficient in the water.   Class includes work on swim form as well as several weeks of speed work (workouts are tailored to the participants).  For those looking to do an Olympic or ½ Iron Man distance later in the year. INFO FOR 2012 TBA.

2.     Learn to swim:  For those new to triathlon.  Looking to do a sprint triathlon in August or September.    INFO FOR 2012 TBA.

Both classes include (subject to change; 2012 details still being finalized):  One videos of your stroke, drill instruction, dry land exercises, and pacing and mental prep. for race day.  Also includes workouts to do between classes, usually the classes are broken down into three groups and each group gets a workout.  I also try to take notes at every session so each individual will get personalized notes.

Where: ORU Aerobics Center 50 meter indoor pool.

When: TBA

Date:  Both camps start TBA.   Learn to swim is 6 weeks, Mastering the Mile is 8 weeks.

Cost: TBA  (I am limiting the Learn to swim camp to 10 people, 6 weeks)  (The Mastering the Mile class is limited to 15 at this time, 8 weeks)

Coach:  Coach-Janet – I have over 20 years experience doing triathlon and swimming competitively, including St. Louis Masters and Tulsa Masters.  I’ve been coaching swimmers for triathlon for over 7 years.   USAT Level 1 Coach.  I have broken 26 minutes (1500 MTR swim) in 3 Olympic distance races.  I have worked with over hundreds of Tulsa area athletes.

Required:  Membership in Tulsa Area Triathletes –

Contact:  Janet Wilson – Please contact me if you have any questions or would like a copy of the proposed class outline.

Build your Swim

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