Spring Fever Pre Race Social

Update!  Swimming is available to members only!  If you would like to swim during the spring fever pre-race social, please be at the Claremore Rec center at 9:00 am sharp.  If you are late and would like to swim, please be prepared to pay the 3$ cash fee to swim.   We are planning to meet at the back side of the rec center inside the white gate.

Head out to the Claremore Rec Center and join us for the Spring Fever pre-race social.  All Tulsa Area Triathletes members are invited to come out and Ride and Run the race course.  After the ride and run hang out and enjoy some drinks and snacks.  The Date, Time and Address is:

April 2nd, 9:00 am
Claremore Super Rec Center
595 Veteran’s Parkway
Claremore OK 74017

If you cannot make it to the pre-race social check it out:
Spring Fever Race Day Is:
Sunday April 17, 2011
First wave starts at 8:00 AM
Time Trial Start format – swimmer starts every ten seconds based on fastest to slowest swimmers.
To sign up for the Spring Fever Triathlon click HERE:

Here is what the Swim map looks like….Click Here:
Here is a map of the Bike Course…..Click here:
Here is a map of the Run Course….Click Here:
Here is a map of the Transition Area….Click Here:

The swim for the Spring Fever will be indoors and approximately 400 meters.  The swim is very explanatory; snake swim down, go under the rope, swim down and back, go under the rope and such.  The wait to get into the water can be a little long but there is nothing for it.  On the swim, the persons who don’t seed themselves correctly will either be slowing you down or swimming over you.  Be prepared for a lot of tapping of your feet and people trying to swim between you and the person swim in the opposing direction.  This happens every year and it does cause problems.  If you have to stop for a break or to fix your swim goggles, please do so at the end of the lane and get as close to the rope as possible.

The bike course is a standard out and back.  The road is better than average with very little pot holes and a lot of shoulder to ride on.  The Bike course is along the highway and at 65 mile an hour highway speeds it can get a little nerve-wracking especially to those not used to riding with vehicles going by at such a high speed.  Be careful of riding too far off the shoulder due to the possibility of getting a flat.  Here is what the elevation looks like on the course:

The first couple of turns and there will be a steep hill.   Just as you feel you are about around the turn and to the top it gets just a little steeper.

Getting over this hill and there is a stoplight and a smaller hill and then a series of false flats that go downhill.  This downhill ride is deceptive because racers will most likely have the wind at their backs.  Plan to add several minutes to the return ride due to racing uphill and a head wind.  The end of the ride is the most dangerous for beginners.  The traffic marshal will have traffic stopped so racers can cross the road so be prepared to slow down significantly, it is easy to get over 30 mph on this downhill and racers will still be on the downhill when they turn right towards the rec center.

The run will be a flat out and back through the adjacent neighborhood.  There is very little change in elevation as the racers run through the housing.  This will truly be a fast and flat run!


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