Hey All!
Exciting news!  The try-on kits are available for trying on and ordering.  Check it out!  Head over to Superleggera Cycling and Multi-Sport located 506 East 11th Street in Tulsa.  Ask Ted or Chad for the try on kits.  Show them your TAT membership card.  Try on the kit gear to confirm your size, or find your size on the SIZING CHART HERE.

2011 TAT Tri Kit

2011 TAT Cycling Kit

Product details: SUGOI

To ORDER you may:
1. Prefered method of payment and selection is to use the on-line shopping cart on the TAT Members Only web page. You can pay with a credit card or your PayPal account. (No body at TAT sees your card information.)  MEMBER LOG-IN HERE. (If you are a TAT member but not registered, email: membership@tatok.com for instructions on being added to the system.)

2. Write a check made out to Tulsa Area Triathletes for the total  amount and hand it over to Chad or Ted at Superleggera.  Let them know the sizes and types that you would like.


Patiently wait for your kits to be printed and delivered, then drop by and pick up your order.  The final day  to  place a kit order is February 11th.  The kits will include a  triathlon  top and shorts OR a Bike top and Bibs.  The cost is 100$  for a  triathlon kit and 140$ for a cycling kit.  If you have an  individual  membership you will get a free tech-shirt along with your  kit order.  This will be a unisex type tech-shirt and Free with your  order!.  If  you have a family membership you will get two Tech-shirts  with Two kit  orders for Free!  Yes, you may order different sizes,  one for you and  your man.

  Thank you SUPERLEGERRA CYCLING AND  MULTI-SPORT for all you  have done for us on this!

For those of you who want just a piece…the pieces as priced are:

Tri Shorts 50$
Tri Shirt 50$
Cycling Bib Shorts 85$
Cycling Jersey 55$

You will get a free tech-shirt with your kit order!  If you have an individual membership, you will get 1 free tech-shirt per complete order and if you have a family membership, you get 2 free tech shirts per complete order.  And yes, you can get different sizes, one for you and your man.  These are Unisex shirts so please select the size you would like accordingly.


1 Joey { 02.27.11 at 8:32 pm }

Any way to get a jersey still??

2 Jamin { 03.03.11 at 3:17 pm }

Is there any way I can get the tri suit – shorts and top? Is it too late? Thanks.

3 Robert Flagor { 03.04.11 at 3:45 pm }

Go ahead and head down to Superleggera cycling and multisport by the end of the day 03/04/2011. Chad/Ted have talked with the seller and will be able to add your order.

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