OU Human Performance Lab

Interested in finding out your VO2 Max?  O.U. – Human Performance Laboratory can help!

The O.U. Tulsa performance Testing Program (TPT) provides sports specific evaluations and scientifically based training programs for those who want to attain a competitive edge.  With the test data from these tests you can refine your training regime and bio mechanics to help prevent training induced injuries.  How do they do this you ask?

First the doctors review your last three to six months of training that you have done.  Next they check your range of motion to help prevent training related injuries.

Then your VO2 max will be found by either running on a tread mill or riding a bicycle with a power tap.  They will find your five specific training zones: Recovery, Economy, Lactate Long, Lactate Short, and VO2 Max.

Blood will be drawn to determine lactate training workloads, peak lactate levels and lactate clearance rates.

A video of you during the test will be evaluated and bio mechanical recommendations are made for improving your performance.

The performance lab will then sum all of this up with training recommendations.  The cost is 150$ for a single evaluation and 235$ for two evaluations (one about three weeks before your big race and the other at the beginning of next years racing).  If you want to just have a bio mechanical analysis then it is just 50$.

Contact Dr. David Brennan at 918-852-2762 for more information and an appointment.


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