Membership & Renewal Info

Membership & Renewal Info

Big News! TAT will now have a Calendar year only membership.  We used to have a rolling year membership which if you signed up in March, and then your membership would expire in March.  Now everyone’s membership will expire on December 31 2010.

The cost is $30 individual and $40 family (4).
To sign up, even if it is a few months early for you to renew, go here.  We have added some new club goodies that are included in your membership.  For those of you who just joined in the past month or so I will mail those new goodies to you ASAP after I get them from the secret membership goody manufacturer.
We hope you’ll take advantage of this membership incentive and will enjoy what is in store with TAT for 2010.  Feel free to email me with questions or comments at

Robert Flagor, Membership and e-mailer person for TAT

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1 Traci { 03.25.10 at 10:55 am }

do you know where I can get some tri gear while im visiting Tulsa today? can you email me at and let me know- that would be very helpful!

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